How do I register as a medical client?

Simply download a copy of the registration form from the website. Return the completed registration form along with a copy of your Health Canada license and we’ll take care of the rest.

How do I purchase clones?

You can download the order form here. Check out our listings of strains and fill out the form accordingly. It’s just the strain name and quantity of clones along with when you would like them. We will be in touch to let you know when your clones will be ready. We usually keep a continuous selection of clones in smaller numbers. Larger numbers require more lead time.

Can I buy other cannabis products from West River Cannabis?

Currently we offer all versions of cannabis plants. Clones, teens, and mothers. Soon we will be able to bring you our other cannabis products including our finished bud and cannabis 2.0 selections. We will keep you posted on when these products become available.

What are your hours?

Most of the year we will set up a time with you to come out to the farm. We are around most of the time and live on-site so we can accommodate most schedules. During the spring season of May to June you can stop out anytime. Signage will be up to show you where to go.

How does shipping work?

Shipping locally takes place via courier. Sometimes for larger orders our team will do the delivery depending on location. For orders going out of courier range we use Air Canada heated service. In this case you will receive a pickup time and location from Air Canada. You can pick it up or have a courier take it to you. Make sure to check with your courier that they have heated service for winter months as many do not.

Where do you get your THC/CBD percentages?

These numbers are supplied to us by the strain breeder. We continuously flower out our strains and use our in-house tests to validate or adjust the breeders information. The numbers provided on our site are what I confidently feel you can achieve with our cuts. Any of our cuts that we have a third-party test on will appear with our logo beside the % and our Certificate of Analysis from the lab will be available. Keep in mind that THC/CBD can vary greatly depending on environmental conditions, growing techniques and even from bud to bud on the same branch. We will also make our terpene tests available when we have them to better assist you in your purchase. Also of note, we pheno hunt out each of our cuts to find the best in class. Before they ever get released for sale, we have selectively picked the best cut of that strain to ensure the final product meets your expectations.