I love making clones and crossing strains but I couldn’t just sit back and not get to grow product in my own licensed, giant grow yard. We started out with an outdoor operation and our first indoor grow goes off in spring 2023.

Gelatio in Micro Grow House

Going forward we will run the outdoor yard during the hot months an move inside for winter. Our outdoor yard consists of two sixteen foot high grow houses each giving us 3000sq feet of space. This give us ample room to grow the monsters here in West River. Our first seasons grow saw our White Cookies reach 16 feet high and 10 feet wide! We harvested her on the top of 8-foot ladders! Having our own cultivation operation allows us to bring the final product of the strains we create and grow right to you. We hope to have the first of these products hitting the market in late 2023. I will keep you posted.